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When Audrina Patridge says rough, she meant it rough and some more. Gaping her ass so wide using her pal’s fingers and having it stuffed hard with his huge dick are just a few of the kinks she craves for. Plus, load her bunghole up with cum too!

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Audrina Patridge admits that she can get lazy to the extremes as to having someone hold her dildo for her when playing with ‘herself’. She says it’s like close to a fetish of a sort whenever she masturbates with someone’s assistance or simply use some fuck machine so she doesn’t need to use her hands holding toys to stick inside her holes. She’s having such a hot time riding this sybian while her hubby watches. She looks wild and hardcore being lazy alright and it’s all happening while fucking herself silly until she cums!

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March 2nd, 2016 by J

Currently knocked up, hot and sexy mom-to-be Audrina Patridge left something wild for us to enjoy as that firm belly grows for the next couple of months. Soon after going on a hardcore fuck spree with her partner and knowing that anytime soon this would be successful in planting those seeds firmly inside her body, she has this naughty lesbian video of herself in a kinky role play with one of her BFFs. At some point in her life she admits to having a dream of becoming one of the respectable people of the medical field, and what better way to choose the profession that’s quite popular in sexual plays as being that promiscuous nurse. She may not have reached this goal and earned such degree to be saving lives, being a model and an actress did quenched that thirst for showing off her sexiness and got quite different roles she enjoyed portraying.

Audrina Patridge in lesbian fuck session

But enough of the what ifs because she made this video to finally unleash the ultimate fantasy that she’s been wanting to bring to life and here you see her as the naughty nurse who’s about to give you an enema with her fingers. Apparently, her fantasy involved messing around with one of her girlfriends and she’s a natural. Seems like she does enjoy poking those fingers in tight holes and this includes a wet cunt. Watch how much she’s into this, it feels like she’s been dying to try and taste pussy for a long time now. This wild video is all fun and you’ll end up taming that cock, eventually lose control and just make a big sticky mess all over the place.

Audrina Partridge Shows Off Her Sexy Boobs

September 13th, 2010 by audi

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Hooray for telephoto lenses! Thanks to them we get to drool over these hot real pics of Audrina Partridge showing off her mouth-watering sexy breasts, courtesy of our friendly paparazzi photo hounds. The “reality” actress has been the subject of tabloids and paparazzi trying to get a peek at her voluptuous body for quite a while now and I guess she decided to get it over with by dipping into an infinity pool in Los Angeles completely in the nude, and in full view of the paparazzi and their cameras! For more erotic images of this sexy babe, check out Audrina Partridge naked photos.

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I can’t help but drool over these naked images of my favorite celebrity slut. She’s such a hottie and boy does she know how to flaunt her knockers. Audrina Partridge is one hot piece of ass and now you can see her in all her naked glory. Now is your chance to get her sexy photos and admire her curvy body,  just check out this gallery of Audrina Partridge nude pictures.

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The Hills Finally Going Off The Air

April 21st, 2010 by audi

Finally, the days of vapid pseudo-celebs like Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag are coming to an end!  At least for a while…  The Hills is finally going off the air and we won’t have to see their no-talent faces again.  Of course that means we won’t be seeing their juicy surgically-enhanced breasts again either!  Well, I ‘m, sure we can live with that because we’ve got lots of luscious Audrina Patridge cleavage pics here on the net!  Take your pic, we’ve got tons of Audrina Patridge pics that come in all shaped and sizes, but of course our favorite will always be the good ‘ol two-piece.

And then we’ve got stuff like this one, where Audrina and her glorious chest-orbs are in a bikini t-shirt combo, which just makes her even sexier, with her bikini peeking out from under her translucent top.  Weird that she looks even sexier when she’s covered up!  But that’s the way these reality show celebrities roll.  Your mind glazes over at all the bikini pics they have and then, bam!  You suddenly get turned on my some clothes!  Well, we’ve still got her naked pics on the net and whatever happens they’re a sure turn on, over at this horny Audrina Patridge site right here.

Audrina Patridge And Her Sister In Bikinis

September 30th, 2008 by audi

Ok, so everyone knows that Audrina Patridge looks hot in a bikini, right?  I mean, hardly a week goes by that you don’t see her pictures dressed in a hot one-piece or sexy two-piece in the pages of some tabloid or on those gossip sites.  And as much as her TV show sucks, you probably can’t take your eyes off her luscious cleavage and lovely curves.  And in the pages of this blog, and other blogs too, I’m sure you’ve seen what’s under her bikinis, because Audrina’s displayed her hot, delicious body in all its naked glory already back in the days before “The Hills”.  Now that just makes looking at her in swimsuits that much hotter.

And here she is in more sexy swimwear, only this time she’s got someone with her, and it’s her sister Casey Patridge.  She’s supposed to be on some reality show too, following in her sister’s footsteps, or riding her coattails, however you want to look at it.  So, do you think Casey’s as hot as her younger sister?  Not with those gigantic tattoos she ain’t!  Well, unless you’re a tat fanatic and like some ink on your girl’s bare skin.  In which case, go for it, but I’d rather tap Audrina’s ass any day over Casey’s…

Not that I’ll probably have a chance to do that, but hell, that’s why I check out Audrina Patridge doing dirty stuff on this site instead.  It’s the closest thing to banging this bitch, until the inevitable time she’s off the showbiz radar and you’ll be able to hire her for twenty bucks a pop (in her mouth).

Audrina Patridge Panty Flash

July 17th, 2008 by audi

With the perks of Audrina Patridge’s fame comes the inevitable pitfalls, and in the case of someone who’s popularity is powered by nothing more than being on TV with a bunch of vapid babes (and having nude photos on the net), that means paparazzi.  After all, they’ve got to have something hot to shoot on those slow days when real celebrities are out shooting movies instead of partying.  And that’s why we’ve got this upskirt moment that we’re all happy about — Audrina Patridge’s panties peeking out of her short skirt as she steps out of an SUV!  Yummy!  Sure, she’s not talented, but she sure is hot, or we wouldn’t be paying her any attention in the first place, right?  With this peek at her underwear, we can happily wank away for a while until we get even more explicit glimpses of her sexy body

For even more of her dirty photos and raunchy activities, check out Audrina Patridge naked, and satisfy your craving for Audrina’s celebrity porn that’s even more revealing than a panty flash!

Audrina Patridge’s Boobs Are Getting Bigger

July 17th, 2008 by audi

Audrina’s a hot and sexy babe, or MTV wouldn’t have had her in that apartment with Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag.  Now that her nude photo scandal has broken on the world wide web though, she’s got to take it to the next level, especially since she’s been ‘promoted’ to being Lauren Conrad’s new roomie, ever since Heidi Montag moved out to be with Spencer Pratt.  And the easiest way to take it to the next level?  Getting a boob job, of course.  Plus, it’s also the most surefire way of enhancing your sexiness for any chick out there.  I guess that’s why Audrina’s boobies have been looking so enticingly fleshy lately?  Well, she should just go ahead and announce that she had her rack enhanced and made bigger, because it’s showing anyway.  It’s not like she’s got a reputation to protect anyway, reality TV stars are famous for their sizzling hot looks, and not for any sort of restraint when it comes to grabbing attention, anyway.

And if she’s grabbed your attention (and why wouldn’t she, with those juicy knockers), then you can take it to the next level too, and click on this link for even hotter and naughtier Audrina Patridge material!  See her out in the nude, and more and you’ll be glad you did (especially after creaming yourself hard!)

Audrina Patridge Topless Cowgirl Pictorial

July 17th, 2008 by audi

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag were the big names among the cast of the MTV reality hit “The Hills“, getting all the exposure and having the camera follow their little dramas to flesh out the thin storyline that these shows have.  They were the hot blondes and the guys drooled over their sexy bodies.  Audrina Patridge had a hot body too, but she was more of a supporting character, the smoky brunette to the other sizzling blondes.

Now she’s on the same level as the others because of her naked pics!  Taken when she was fresh out of high school, they show Audrina Patridge at her freshest and hottest, with her luscious teen tits all full and perky, the way we like them best.  Here in this session, she’s trying to project that hot cowgirl vibe, and that’s exactly the position I’d fantasize her taking if she were naked in the same room with me.  I bet you’d love for her to ride you too, wouldn’t you?

For more dirty Audrina Patridge pics, check out that link and see the raunchiest Audrina Patridge images on the net!  Being a topless cowgirl is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Audrina fulfilling your naughty fantasies…